1970s Radical Fashion in Motion: Il manto e la pelle introduced by Nanni Strada

Thursday 25 January, 16:00

This workshop considers the key role that film played in making visible the radical anti-consumerist ideals of the 1970s Italian design scene. Against this background, the workshop focuses on Nanni Strada’s pioneering film Il Manto e la Pelle (The Mantle and the Skin) and provides a unique opportunity to meet the designer herself. Presented at the XV Milan Triennale (1973), the film explained and promoted her new system of ‘dressing design’: geometric, two-dimensional, compressible clothes assembled with futuristic stitching (the Mantle series) and tight tubular garments without seams – a seamless suit (the Skin series).

Total Running Time: c. 100 mins. [approx. 20 mins. Introduction; 40 mins. Screening; 40 mins. Post-screening discussion]

Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi Thursday 25 Jan 2018, 16:00