2015 | Frame By Frame: Dissecting The Fashion Moving Image Now

The 5th Fashion in Film Festival

17–24 March 2015

With the advances in digital technologies over the last decade, the fashion industry has adopted the moving image to an unprecedented degree. Many different kinds of fashion moving image have recently (re-)emerged in a variety of contexts, very often online, fulfilling a variety of purposes including promotion, journalistic reportage and audio-visual experimentation. With the growing hybridisation of these functions, the fashion moving image is no longer confined to a handful of clear-cut formats shown in cinemas or on television. It is now a more plural and hybrid form than ever, spanning multiple media and platforms (websites, social media, fashion shows, retail, public space as well as cinema and TV).

Taking a retrospective look at the fashion moving image in the digital age, this series of conversations and screenings aims to showcase newly prominent forms of communication, display and representation and explore in detail how the fashion industry is embracing and adapting to them. The debates will reflect on the multi-disciplinary and collaborative nature of this fashion audio-vision, and, more broadly, the changing realities of image (and sound) production, circulation and consumption. Featuring fashion image-makers, designers, producers, journalists, historians and theorists, the season is the first attempt to stage a major debate on the fashion moving image in all its breadth and variety.

Programme Curators Hywel Davies and Marketa Uhlirova


University for the Arts London
1 Granary Square
London N1C 4AA

270 Mare Street
London E8 1HE
+44 (0)871 902 5734

SOMERSET HOUSE, Screening Room, South Wing
London WC2R 1LA
+44 (0)20 7845 4600

For press and any other information about the festival please contact Kate Sinclair on +44 207 514 8710 or k.sinclair@csm.arts.ac.uk.

This festival is organised in association with StrangeLove: Moving Image Festival at Central Saint Martins. Research and Co-ordination Assistant Kate Sinclair, Interns Justin Gong, Steph Nowak, Liberty McAnena, Sarah Hardcastle.


Louise Anscomb, Mel Ashley, Christian Brittain, Sarah Campbell, Peter Close, Chenelle Creole, Mark Dunhill, Leonie Ellis, David Gryn, Gill Henderson, Charlotte Knight, Penny Martin, Janet McDonnell, Laura McNamara, Diane Pernet, Paul Ridd, Karishma Rafferty, Lucy Shaffer, Stefan Sloneczny, Anne Smith, Terry Smith, James Stevenson Bretton, Christopher Vanja, Bart Yates.

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Themes and Events

Kinetic Collaborations

PANEL DISCUSSION: Tuesday 24 March, 19:00–20:30

Somerset House, Screening Room, South Wing

The idea of collaboration is fundamental to any designer or design brand that aims to communicate the ‘essence’ of a collection through non-sartorial means, such as the fashion show or the fashion image. But is there something distinct about the relationships fashion designers have recently formed with filmmakers? Chaired by artist Claire Robertson. With Justin Anderson, Zowie Broach, Quentin Jones and Gideon Koppel.

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Framing Fashion: From the Margins to the Centre

PANEL DISCUSSION: Monday 23 March, 19:00–20:30

Somerset House, Screening Room, South Wing

This panel will ask what role fashion films can play in critically reflecting on fashion and media practices. Can they help generate debate and affect social and cultural change? Chaired by fashion historian Nathalie Khan. With Kathryn Ferguson, Pamela Church Gibson, Anat Ben-David, Jessica Mitrani and Jennifer Byrne.

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Nick Knight in Conversation

INTERVIEW: Saturday 21 March, 16:00–17:30

Hackney Picture House

The acclaimed fashion photographer and filmmaker Nick Knight will be joined by film scholar Nick Rees-Roberts to discuss his advocacy of novel and dynamic modes of fashion communication, with an emphasis on the moving image.

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The Shifting Landscape of Today’s Fashion Media

PANEL DISCUSSION: Friday 20 March, 18.30–20.00

Central Saint Martins, LVMH Theatre, E002

This panel will explore the changed role of the fashion journalist in a multi-media industry and consider how filmed content is impacting on, and colliding with, other forms of fashion journalism. Chaired by the fashion scholar Agnès Rocamora. With Caryn Franklin, Sally Bolton, Lou Stoppard and Susie Lau.

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Through the Designer’s Lens

PANEL DISCUSSION: Thursday 19 March 18.30–20.00

Central Saint Martins, LVMH Theatre, E002

Reviewing the past 15 years, but with a special focus on today, this panel explores the different ways in which fashion designers and brands have engaged with – and understood – the moving image. Chaired by the fashion curator Oriole Cullen. With Adam Mufti, Anna-Nicole Ziesche and Phoebe English.

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Dangerous Liaisons? Fashion Show Meets Film

PANEL DISCUSSION: Wednesday 18 March 18.30-20.00

Central Saint Martins, LVMH Theatre, E003

If the fashion show – typically an intimate and exclusive industry event – has now become an integral part of a brand’s global marketing campaign, how has the moving image assisted in this transition? Chaired by the season’s co-curator Hywel Davies. With Caroline Evans, Alex Fury, Camilla Morton and Michael Howells.

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Clothes on the Move: What’s Behind the Production of Fashion Films?

PANEL DISCUSSION: Tuesday 17 March, 18.30-20.0

Central Saint Martins, LVMH Theatre, E002

This panel will take you behind the scenes of the fashion film to discuss what new possibilities the moving image has recently presented to the fashion industry and what challenges it has posed to its makers. Chaired by the season’s co-curator Marketa Uhlirova. With Lernert & Sander, Marcus Werner Hed and Stephen Whelan.

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